Thursday, June 10, 2010

If this could be real...

So in this little snippet, I was with a kid who "spoke" to electronics and he told the vending machine to open up all it's drawers. And I went crazy and took one of everything!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alien Invasion Part 2

So second night in a row, Alien invasion again. This time I'm pretty sure we were in the US.
It began with the actual take-over. Super scary transformer like Aliens were trashing everything and not being the nicest aliens around. Where the dream gets notable is when I was face down in rubble about to die and this girl comes to me and says she knows who Matt and I are, because she bought our story on iTunes for $.40. She tells me she knows where Matt is and he is safe and alive. So I get up and she hands me a monopoly type looking card with the location of where he is. As we are getting there a friend of Matt's from Tennessee, KJ, meets me and the girl and is taking us the rest of the way. As we are walking out of the parking garage like structure I see Maria Rabe, my sister's best friend, and I ask her if she knows my mom and sister are safe and she assures me yes so I continue on my quest to find Matt. When I arrived I explained to him how I found him and he was in some kind of resort for refugees. The End.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alien Invasion in Holland

I had a dream I was pool hopping in Holland while aliens were taking over the planet. So there I was hopping from pool to pool and the residence were upset we were jumping into their pools, oblivious to the alien invasion. Then we saw a neighbor who looked lonely because all his friends just cancelled. He had a whole BBQ set up so we jumped into his backyard made friends and ate food.