Saturday, July 31, 2010

Series of Stranger Events

This one was a bit disorganized but here it goes...
There were Monsters. Big ones. They were terrorizing cities. They were mythical and could only killed by "using glasses". I wrote that when I woke up this morning. Not sure it's meaning.

Next was the Robert dream. For those of you who don't know I have a love obsession with "So You Think You Can Dance". So there is a dancer on there right now named Robert. Love him. In my dream, he was a professional basketball player and what I can only describe as a professional swimming human shot-putter. We met while he was a professional swimming human shot-putter. It was taking place in the ocean. And I was in the water with him and I was his "shot-put". Let me explain. He would swim as fast and he can, all whilst holding my hand, and when it was time he would throw me through the water. And as far he threw me was his total distance. The distance was represented in a nail polish bottle. But there was a crack in the bottle but he saw it before it leaked and was excited to see how good it was and decided to make our partnership official.

Now I am at the Basketball game. I was sitting backward with my feet very close to a stranger's face. He wasn't too happy about it. One of my toenails was very long and ugly. And he made a point of saying he didn't care for it. So when Robert saw I was in the audience, at half time, he came up to say Hi. I was so excited he was happy to see me. During the game the athlete's were milking their injuries. Just like soccer they were major babies. So, like an annoying haggling fan, I was mocking them from the stands. All the while getting quite a reaction from the crowd. I then began to pour my slur-pee on the players and act like it was the biggest thing ever. Then the big bad players turned into a pee wee basketball team. So, then I felt awful that i was pouring slur-pees on children! So I ran down to the floor and helped clean up my mess and apologize. All the parents were furious with me.

Now I'm at my grandma's house (I have a lot of dreams at my grandma's house)
My brother got a brand new black Mustang. Then he was going to give me his 2005 Mustang. And my grandma's neighbor was hosting a safe place for Africans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Death and Marriage Proposal

This one was intense. I actually woke up making little baby weeping noises. I had a dream my friend Matt, myself and my friend from High School, Mike Adams were laying in my Grandma's backyard as there was an Armageddon type meteor thing and it hit us and both of my friends died!!! I was so heart broken! I couldn't compute that he wasn't around anymore. That I couldn't text him or call him. I was a wreck and my family was worried but not really. No one could quite relate.

Then my friend Melissa Harris had a birthday party and her and her ex-boyfriend, and a friend of mine, Eldon were together again. (but she is married now). She wanted me to go but only if I smiled. I said I couldn't. I was too sad (it had just happen the night before). My friend and Matt's current roommate (in real life)Shelly was also there and she made me get out of the shower because I was using it as a hiding place. Then when I woke up just so sad, then I slowly realized it was a dream and Matt was alive!

Then I had a dream an old friend got his act together and asked me to come visit him at his new house which was really huge but off putting (as far as decor) and he had loads of money. And he proposed after only a few hours with diamond earrings. And I said yes. Odd.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh HAIL no....

I had a dream... my old boss asked me to come in for a day to work. I agreed, because he sounded desperate. I had woken up late and was going to be late so I called. I had found out during the conversation with the front desk girl that I had only been asked to come in to clean. I said, "ef you" and hung up. Fin.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sky is falling!

Had a dream I was at a thrift/antique store with my Mom. A store with all sorts of things. Toward the end of my dream some things began to fall from the top of the bookcases and shelving barely missing my mom. I kept screaming out to warn her of the large vases falling. Then they actually began to hit me and at one point I grabbed a wooden cutting board because I was going to be walking under knives. Sure enough, they dropped right on top of me and my fingers got cut. I was furious and told the clerk to call the police and she was so scared and said she was going to go home.
Then this is no joke, 100% real, I walked into the bathroom this morning and the panel that covers a hole in the ceiling fell!!!! Like for real! Scurry!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I had a dream I was on a cooking segment on a morning show with Tim Allen. Fancy. Which is a gross double, as I was writing this, a commercial for Michigan Tourism with his voice came on TV.