Monday, July 26, 2010

Death and Marriage Proposal

This one was intense. I actually woke up making little baby weeping noises. I had a dream my friend Matt, myself and my friend from High School, Mike Adams were laying in my Grandma's backyard as there was an Armageddon type meteor thing and it hit us and both of my friends died!!! I was so heart broken! I couldn't compute that he wasn't around anymore. That I couldn't text him or call him. I was a wreck and my family was worried but not really. No one could quite relate.

Then my friend Melissa Harris had a birthday party and her and her ex-boyfriend, and a friend of mine, Eldon were together again. (but she is married now). She wanted me to go but only if I smiled. I said I couldn't. I was too sad (it had just happen the night before). My friend and Matt's current roommate (in real life)Shelly was also there and she made me get out of the shower because I was using it as a hiding place. Then when I woke up just so sad, then I slowly realized it was a dream and Matt was alive!

Then I had a dream an old friend got his act together and asked me to come visit him at his new house which was really huge but off putting (as far as decor) and he had loads of money. And he proposed after only a few hours with diamond earrings. And I said yes. Odd.

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