Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vroom Vroom

I had an end of the world dream last night. Toward the end someone thought it was safe to open the blinds. Obviously not, and when I went to close them I looked out the window, and I see about 6 or 7, what look like speed boats, heading straight toward us. I panic. I try calling 911 even though the world had been destroyed for some time, someone answered but they said they had to redirect me and get approval and they spoke a Chinese dialect. Then I finally find the Sherif and I tell him what's happening. As I look out the window to show him, they were really close. I look again and it is a large black man riding a engine-powered refrigerator. They were all men riding refrigerators. They had come from all over to stay with us. Because they heard we survived.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Worm in my soup

I've got to get back into writing down my dreams, no matter what. I had a dream that I was in a China Town like setting. There were some fireworks going on off, like a big show. Then I was eating a bowl of soup in a restaurant. And there was a worm looking object and sure enough after a while I noticed it was an actual worm. I went to complain and hoped for a refund on my money and they wouldn't. I then tried yelling and demanding a refund, but they said no, I have to pay! It was really instense and the worm kept eating the food in my bowl and was getting bigger and bigger by the second. Like most of my dreams there was no conclusion because I was made awake by something. This time it was a text message. Creepy dream.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Confession vanity plates.

If u are familiar with show Sons of Anarchy, then you'll follow a bit better. So the main character, Jax, wants to mend his ways and confess all his wrong doings. And he chooses to do so by printing his confession on a series of personalized licensed plates. As to tip off the police. He then changes his mind and sells off the plates to people to get rid of them. But he then realizes that someone has figured out what he was trying to do. So he quicky tries to buy back all the plates.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I dreamed a commercial. I was at a friend's house showering and he was yelling to see if it was ok for him to go eat or if I wanted him to wait. I said go ahead. He instantly ran out of the house where there were tons of other guys rushing out to get to this breakfast place. But the snowmobile man blew his whistle to bring all the hungry men to a screeching halt to plow the street. My friend then(with the help of his deodorant mascot) crowd surfed to get to the front of the line and broke through the brick wall to get to the street and was able to be the first guy to the restaurant. All possible because of his deodorant. It was called Thad. No joke logo and all popped up. I dreamed a commercial. (Thad is a hilarious character from a TV show).

I also had a stress dream. I am working a double today. The girl who is supposed to work a short shift today so that I can take a break on my 12 hour shift to be legal called out via text last night. So in my dream I opened the store a few minutes early and I had about 25 people rush me saying they got coupons for large samples of a certain volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I was freaking out because I couldn't make them as fast as the people were pouring in. And as soon as I would clear the room another large group would appear. Then the girl who called out appeared. Looking like trash and barely noticing the gaggle of people in the store and that I was clearly overwhelmed. I told her to get started on making the samples and I didn't even know where to start with the crowd. I actually woke up from the dream. I had to calm myself down and tell myself it's going to be ok.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Had a dream I got pulled over for cutting off an undercover police officeress. She comes around my vehicle and begins to wipe my back seat with a tissue. She starts off by saying, "you're going to want to start saying the best apology now". I said, "I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure what I did". Apparently she came into the middle lane right before I did. She was really offended that I disregarded her like that. She was really rude. This dream totes makes sense because I did get a speeding ticket last Thursday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Taste

I was at an event with a date. He had picked out my dress for me. It was a floor length umpire waisted yellow dress. It was very formal but he assured me it was appropriate.  When I arrived to the wedding, sure enough, I was overdressed and my dress was identical to the bride's gown but light yellow. I wasn't even a bridesmaid. To make matters worse, we walked into the reception after they were announced as a couple and the comparison was clear. Everyone noticed that our dresses were the same.
Somehow I got called into work but it wasn't really my job. I worked as a movie selection counselor. Awesome. And I had a client who was returning more movies than buying so he was losing his "points" and was very upset so I had to go through an entire movie genre to help him find movies so he could get his points back.

The rest of my dream was kind of movie-esque and completely unrelated.

I was at a futuristic airport. I saw a plane coming straight down. I was sure it was crashing. It was pointing straight down! But I waited for the noise and explosion but nothing happened. A couple moments later I saw the plane, with wheels in the places to make this possible, on it's nose and on one wing landing on the runway. I could even see passengers. But the plane itself looked normal just had wheels on the nose and wing so it could land that way. I just assumed it was a test of some sort and moved on.
That's when I became some sort of a super sexy Latina spy. I had got myself into a few situations where I was alone and couldn't prove the bad guys wrong so I had a cell phone installed into the bottom of my heel.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dreamed that I was a suspect for murder. So my Dad snuck me out of town. I ended up in Las Vegas with twin brothers
In persuit one twin got shot.

This is what I get when I write a dream down 2 days layer... Not so much.