Sunday, December 26, 2010


Dreamed that I was a suspect for murder. So my Dad snuck me out of town. I ended up in Las Vegas with twin brothers
In persuit one twin got shot.

This is what I get when I write a dream down 2 days layer... Not so much.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


It's been a while... I'm out of practice, so the details are fuzzy.

So, in my dream, I was in Cambodia. Not sure for why. But I was alone and it was a somewhat rural area where there weren't alot of English speakers. I kept trying to get money out but I was told there was nowhere secure in the area. I didn't even have USD to give either. There was someone there I knew from America telling me this information.

The basic gist was that I had travelled to the wrong part of cambodia. And I was kind of stuck. Then the village was under attack and they were relocating villagers and I was pretending to be high society so that I was treated well.

Weird. I know. The end.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Imma Imma Upgrade ya!

So I was on an international flight in coach. I was trying to sleep. It was strange, the chairs reverse reclined. They made it so you were basically hanging from your seatbelt upside down. Then the flight attendant came and said there's some 1st class seats available. But he was upgrading rows and rows coach passengers. So when we went up it was like a really old antique house. Very floral print and dark. There were stair cases and we had to find our seat because the flight attendant was no where to be found. So every time I thought I found a bed it was already taken.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Premier

Went to a movie premier with my two best buddies, Matt and Kolin. It was somewhere off a dirt road and Justin Beiber was there but he was tall in my dream. There were cops telling everybody if they were to move they would instantly be thrown out, they were very serious, no Beiber fever here. So we are in line and then they announced that only the 1st 90 people in line get in. Once the 1st 90 were sat, we became first. Then celebs began to show up. This was some kind of one time deal. I had a bag of popcorn. I was eating it and Ryan Phillipe showed up as soon as I shoved a bunch of popcorn in my mouth. Then I turned to Kolin and said, "Wow, now I can officially say I've shoved popcorn in my face in front of Ryan Phillipe". Then the crowd was super upset that they've been in line for so long and they may hve to wait hours to see it. The movie was 2 hours long. So Matt decides to hop out of line. I got mad because we waited so long we might as well keep waiting. But when he tried to hop back in people got like mob angry. So I jumped out. We found a spot we could see and sat up on some staircases so we could see the movie. It was Beauty and the Beast but re-drawn with new characters and they would breakdance as they sang. I woke up just after the opening song.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Series of Stranger Events

This one was a bit disorganized but here it goes...
There were Monsters. Big ones. They were terrorizing cities. They were mythical and could only killed by "using glasses". I wrote that when I woke up this morning. Not sure it's meaning.

Next was the Robert dream. For those of you who don't know I have a love obsession with "So You Think You Can Dance". So there is a dancer on there right now named Robert. Love him. In my dream, he was a professional basketball player and what I can only describe as a professional swimming human shot-putter. We met while he was a professional swimming human shot-putter. It was taking place in the ocean. And I was in the water with him and I was his "shot-put". Let me explain. He would swim as fast and he can, all whilst holding my hand, and when it was time he would throw me through the water. And as far he threw me was his total distance. The distance was represented in a nail polish bottle. But there was a crack in the bottle but he saw it before it leaked and was excited to see how good it was and decided to make our partnership official.

Now I am at the Basketball game. I was sitting backward with my feet very close to a stranger's face. He wasn't too happy about it. One of my toenails was very long and ugly. And he made a point of saying he didn't care for it. So when Robert saw I was in the audience, at half time, he came up to say Hi. I was so excited he was happy to see me. During the game the athlete's were milking their injuries. Just like soccer they were major babies. So, like an annoying haggling fan, I was mocking them from the stands. All the while getting quite a reaction from the crowd. I then began to pour my slur-pee on the players and act like it was the biggest thing ever. Then the big bad players turned into a pee wee basketball team. So, then I felt awful that i was pouring slur-pees on children! So I ran down to the floor and helped clean up my mess and apologize. All the parents were furious with me.

Now I'm at my grandma's house (I have a lot of dreams at my grandma's house)
My brother got a brand new black Mustang. Then he was going to give me his 2005 Mustang. And my grandma's neighbor was hosting a safe place for Africans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Death and Marriage Proposal

This one was intense. I actually woke up making little baby weeping noises. I had a dream my friend Matt, myself and my friend from High School, Mike Adams were laying in my Grandma's backyard as there was an Armageddon type meteor thing and it hit us and both of my friends died!!! I was so heart broken! I couldn't compute that he wasn't around anymore. That I couldn't text him or call him. I was a wreck and my family was worried but not really. No one could quite relate.

Then my friend Melissa Harris had a birthday party and her and her ex-boyfriend, and a friend of mine, Eldon were together again. (but she is married now). She wanted me to go but only if I smiled. I said I couldn't. I was too sad (it had just happen the night before). My friend and Matt's current roommate (in real life)Shelly was also there and she made me get out of the shower because I was using it as a hiding place. Then when I woke up just so sad, then I slowly realized it was a dream and Matt was alive!

Then I had a dream an old friend got his act together and asked me to come visit him at his new house which was really huge but off putting (as far as decor) and he had loads of money. And he proposed after only a few hours with diamond earrings. And I said yes. Odd.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh HAIL no....

I had a dream... my old boss asked me to come in for a day to work. I agreed, because he sounded desperate. I had woken up late and was going to be late so I called. I had found out during the conversation with the front desk girl that I had only been asked to come in to clean. I said, "ef you" and hung up. Fin.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sky is falling!

Had a dream I was at a thrift/antique store with my Mom. A store with all sorts of things. Toward the end of my dream some things began to fall from the top of the bookcases and shelving barely missing my mom. I kept screaming out to warn her of the large vases falling. Then they actually began to hit me and at one point I grabbed a wooden cutting board because I was going to be walking under knives. Sure enough, they dropped right on top of me and my fingers got cut. I was furious and told the clerk to call the police and she was so scared and said she was going to go home.
Then this is no joke, 100% real, I walked into the bathroom this morning and the panel that covers a hole in the ceiling fell!!!! Like for real! Scurry!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I had a dream I was on a cooking segment on a morning show with Tim Allen. Fancy. Which is a gross double, as I was writing this, a commercial for Michigan Tourism with his voice came on TV.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

If this could be real...

So in this little snippet, I was with a kid who "spoke" to electronics and he told the vending machine to open up all it's drawers. And I went crazy and took one of everything!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alien Invasion Part 2

So second night in a row, Alien invasion again. This time I'm pretty sure we were in the US.
It began with the actual take-over. Super scary transformer like Aliens were trashing everything and not being the nicest aliens around. Where the dream gets notable is when I was face down in rubble about to die and this girl comes to me and says she knows who Matt and I are, because she bought our story on iTunes for $.40. She tells me she knows where Matt is and he is safe and alive. So I get up and she hands me a monopoly type looking card with the location of where he is. As we are getting there a friend of Matt's from Tennessee, KJ, meets me and the girl and is taking us the rest of the way. As we are walking out of the parking garage like structure I see Maria Rabe, my sister's best friend, and I ask her if she knows my mom and sister are safe and she assures me yes so I continue on my quest to find Matt. When I arrived I explained to him how I found him and he was in some kind of resort for refugees. The End.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alien Invasion in Holland

I had a dream I was pool hopping in Holland while aliens were taking over the planet. So there I was hopping from pool to pool and the residence were upset we were jumping into their pools, oblivious to the alien invasion. Then we saw a neighbor who looked lonely because all his friends just cancelled. He had a whole BBQ set up so we jumped into his backyard made friends and ate food.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Gaga good time

This one starts at Bliss, where I used to work, and there was a group in the spa. They were acting super weird. They had put their guests in our nail dispense and they kept peeking out their heads to check if they were spotted and so were the guests, because they were confused as to why they were in there not the guest lounge.
Next I went shopping with my boss Tommy. We were walking outside and it was raining these enourmous rain drops. I got one that hit my straight in the middle of my forehead. This made my shirt all wet and then I took it off. (Weird detail, I know, but I remembered it none the less).
Then I went alone to a Lady Gaga party and Gaga was there dressed normal and had mousy brown hair and no make-up. I didn't know it was her at first but I had an idea. I was dancing for her with a few other people. There was some kind of planter and I got up on it and danced on it. There was a bright light that created shadows and that was the focus. Then a "bad guy" showed up and tried to kill everyone but just a few of us got away. Barely. By a kid throwing kix on the ground to make the bad guys car disapear. When the cops arrived, they were mad we made a mess.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This was a first for me....

I for real, dreamed in cartoon last night. I dreamed I was at a wedding party/raffle. Everyone put their names into a bowl depending on your gender. Then everyone ate and danced for a while meeting everyone. Then when the party was nearly over the emcee of the evening then would randomly pick one name from each bowl to pair people up to get married. (Don't forget, all the while everyone is cartoon) And then everyone began to look around for their partner and were all secretly hoping it was that certain someone they had met that night during the party. But as the names were called, I would be able to see both people flashed. I knew they would be a good match but the people who were looking for each other were thinking it wasn't them because that would be too good to be true so they were slightly bummed, until they found out it WAS the person they wanted!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trial and Error

Dreamed I was trying to find the best way to cook a turkey. One of the ways was inside of a carved out pumpkin. It didn't work.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Had a dream my mom gave my sister a matching luggage set from the 50s that was coral pink with white stitching. I was so jealous! So mad! It wasn't her birthday or anything so I went through my room and piled up everything I got from my grandma Eichelberger in order to trade for something better. And this all took place as if I were living in my grandma Burnham's house. My dang alarm went off before I saw what I could get. I swear sometimes your brain knows when you will wake up and won't give you resolution.

Come one, come all!

Last night's was a double feature due to the landscaping that happens every tuesday at 6am!

The first, of which I can't really remember because I was woken up at 6am and trying feverishly to find my ear plugs. But to no avail, I couldn't finish it.
I met this guy under water. He was trying to tell me something but, beings it was under water I couldn't hear him. But all I remember is that he was super gorgeous and we were dating. Which is funny because this is the second dream this week that I have been dating a dark haired guy. Any who not interesting.

The main event:

So this began when I was going to work for a special event. We had to wear short black shorts, and red tank tops. (Our colors at work are white and light blue). So I get there and we were working this event at a them park. So I figured why not turn it into a vacation/work thing. Matt Riding was there, along with members of my family. It was kind of a knock off of California's Adventure. While we were walking around my good friend, Randy Jackson (Idol), wanted to meet my Mom, so I introduced them. The rides were really big and scary, but scary because they weren't all that safe looking. There was one ride where they took blood from you, another where the threw you in the air and when you came down you had to walk in a straight line, another where you had to sit around (sort of like the Tiki Room @ D-land) and answer questions about items in the room. I was chosen for a question and it was "American History" themed. I was told to find the word freedom in this book. As I was trying to find it my brother was trying to distract me. Naturally, I was getting super irritated with him. So, time was up and I tried to pretend I had it and as I walked up I kept looking. But I just couldn't find it. The whole crowd made fun of my because the title of the book was _____ Freedom, and everyone gets that answer right!

Then we went to go camp for the night. Matt and I went on our way after we went on the last ride which made you use the bathroom. So, we were driving on the 101 N and I called my Mom to get directions and I was driving like a crazy woman, really fast and out of control. And Matt wasn't saying anything. (If you know him, he normally would.) But we missed the exit and had to turn around. We finally get there and we were camping in a shoe/boot. A large one, of course. We had to put it around a tree to give it structure but we got it to work. So I decided to go wash my face before I went in, so I had more room. Logical.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Much TV

I had a dream Dwight and Michael (from the Office) were lovers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shooting games

Had a dream that I was invited to go out with some friends and play a game. It was a bb Gun game. There were hundreds of people all up in this parking garage and there was a shooter and you had to find him. So it was this big mystery who the shooter was. No one could figure it out and when you got shot you froze. So by the time I joined it was easy to find the moving shooter so I saved my bullets and let my friend Ryan Anderson try to kill the shooter but he ran out of bullets trying to be the good guy.He was being held at gunpoint and everyone was standing around to watch the end of the game. Then right as the "bad guy" was about to shoot Ryan I came running up and emptied my whole gun on him all hitting but one. One bullet went over his left shoulder but by the time he reacted I won the game.
So then as we all went back to our hotel room I get a strange call from an old friends' sister that I used to be friends with. She apologized for what she did to me in high school and that she was immature and only sabatoged the relationship that her brother and I had because she thought it was the right thing to do. And how she has really cared for me all these years and is so sorry and wanted to make it up to me by taking me out that night along with all my friends so I said yes because she sounded sincere.
Then when we went out we ended up in this very strange Disney dollar store and I was so excited because I could just imagine all the cool things I could buy. But it ended up not being Disney at all. But there was luggage, snow suits, rocking horses, and clothing. None of which I trusted, since they were only a dollar, but considered buying for for my upcoming trip to India.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I jerked awake this morning like someone slapped loudly and startled me, but no one did. Strange. So my dream is super disonnected but I had a dream I was working at my hotel but it really wasn't my hotel. I left work without cleaning up or even tidying up. Someone famous or important came in and I was trying to get them info about the restaraunt but Sushi Roku was out of "beef and steak" but this didn't bother them because they only ate healthy food. And Jeni, from
work, said she was going to a wedding and it was only going to be healthy food, to the point where if they crave bad food they would dip a chicken wing and only lick off the sauce and throw away the chicken to make it feel as though they ate something bad.
As for this important person, we somehow got on a boat. Of which we could see a very large whale jumping in and out of the water. Something happened, I can't recall, and this mans loved ones looked as though they died. So he jumped into the water to commit suicide. He pretended to be an injured seal and swims around so he can be seen by the great white. But right as he sees the shark
coming for him, he also sees his lover wake up. She's not dead! So he swims away from danger but now the shark is circling the ship and is hungry. So this alive again lover bad assly tries to kill the shark with a trash bag but as she gets close the whale comes to the rescue! He gobbles up the shark as if it was a potato chip. Then I woke up.
When I woke up
I googled whale attacks and sure enough there was a grey whale attacked by two killers whales 2 hours ago in new Zealand. But the whale is ok. The End

Friday, March 26, 2010

Neighborly invasion

I don't really know my neighbors that well. The ones I have a super cute gay couple, a large grumpy/nice sometimes smoking couple and the noisy ones upstairs. In my dream someone tried to get into our home and you could tell it was a drunk neighbor because they were using keys. So finally, I got up to tell them they have the wrong door. They need to go to their house. This angers them. They then try to break in by banging their bodies and a brook showed up at one point. I started to panic and had my sister dial the police than she hands to the phone to me, I was busy trying to hold the door shut. I tried to explain the police what was happening and I was so nervous because if I report this it will be so awkward to live next to them from now on...

I'm pretty sure this happened because before I fell asleep I swear I heard someone knock on our door, at like 1am. SO I WAS NOT ABOUT TO ANSWER IT.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buckle your seatbelt for this one

Ok, there is absolutely no connection between these "scenes". But my roommate/sister did wake me up at 7am this morning talking too loud on her phone and asking for some socks. SO maybe when I fell back asleep thats when the dreams disjointed, I'm not too sure.

Here we go...(all arms and feet in at all times)

The first one I remember was sitting at my grandmother's table and my two sisters and my brother were doing shots in memory of my youngest aunt, Vicky, getting divorced years ago. The date on the cake said January something, I wonder if thats anywhere close to the date. These shots weren't just regular pour and drink shots, one was in the form of cake, one was a thick syrup and the other was like 8 oz. And they were all apparently hard to swallow, they all made terrible faces afterward. Then I got to eat the last of the celebration cake with the date on it. (That's how I remember the cake. Oh and I ended up wearing a Beyonce like metal gladiator mini dress and THIS my grandmother didn't approve, so she made me wear one of her old lady dresses. Fin.
This dream seamed to have the same local as the previous but it was pouring outside and there was a collection of birds in my grandma's kitchen. One bird in particular that scared me. I tried to draw it to show how effed up my mind can be, But to describe, it was large, about the size of a small cat or possum. It had a large beak with the tip of the beak elongating into a sharp curled point. It had Large, unproportionately large tallons. They looked like they belonged to a eagle, like thick and sharp. Then this is where it gets weird, as if it hasn't already, the midsection of the bird was filled with tiny little legs like thie underbelly of a rolly polly or a patoto bug. Which made sense because with this bird you could roll it up like a rolly polly. Which someone did, my real life boss. Which totally makes sense, I just had an epiphany, because just a few days ago at work we found one and i didn't want to touch it so he picked up and made it roll up. ANy who, these birds including the scary one, kept getting out of the cage and were attracted to movement. So I kept staying still hoping they'd ignore me but every once in a while I'd get scared and make a sudden movement and they'd come for me!


Next dream was Bill Ray Cyrus lived across the stret from Michael Jordan's dad and was always trying to impress him, and Mr. Jordan knew it. So one day, as a joke I think, invited Bill Ray over for an eating competition. If he could complete it he could have like 2 minutes of his time. Item to be ingested were: paper, ice cream, girls' scout cookies, and brownies. It was a massive amount of food and he had to eat it all in 10 minutes. But he did. He won. Did I mention he had to eat paper? That seemed to be the most time challenging.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A guest entry

Here is a dream my friend Kathleen M., member of All The Apparatus, had about me:

"Kim, I had this weird dream with you in it. You worked for your mom's salon and dressed in a sweatshirt and booty shorts and you wanted me to dye my hair.

The funny part is that it was supposed to be a real high class salon and you were the receptionist, and dressed that way."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bad Omen

I had a dream my car was hit but the insurance company wouldn't pay for it because I am liability only. I am looking at insurances now...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peru and a dead body. Yum!

I have never seen a picture of Macu Picchu. Or at least I don't think so. I am pretty sure, as I was looking for pictures of it this morning, I am positive that I've never seen a picture of it.

Now, for my dream. I went to Peru on vacation my an odd variation of my family: My mom, Dad and my brother David. (Dad not living right now, and missing my two sisters). So we are driving up a windy road with cliffside. So my mom is driving and she is driving too fast for my liking and so I tell her it's a 10 mph and she needs to slow down. She doesn't slow down so I start to yell at her. Then I start to scream at her. I am so scared we are going to drive off the cliff and die. But right as we are making the turn and I am freaking out I see the peak of the mountain. Then that freaks me out because now we are taking a turn too fast and now she is looking NOT at the road. Not calming me down.

So we get to this village to take pictures of the mountain and I do not have my real camera with me since this was somewhat of a impromptu trip. So as I am taking pics with my iPhone, none of them are turning out. There is a company there that sends a signal that basically jams your phone so you cannot take pictures with your phone, it would put an ad or a graphic over the picture I took to distort it. Irritated with my phone I borrowed my brothers digital SLR. As I am zooming in through the view finder I see a dead body flowing through a muddy waterfall. So, I try to take a picture of it so people would believe me but because it was such a far zoom it was difficult to find it again. So I didn't say anything.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Revenge, Torture and Pom Poms

When I am sick, and I'm taking NyQuil or Advil PM to help me sleep I have the weirdest dreams and I am so sad that I haven't blogged any of them from my deathbed this weekend, because they were strange.

Last night was woodsy themed.

It started out me in California driving from SF (Where Kolin currently lives) to Newark (where I grew up), but for some reason I wasn't getting it right. I kept driving back and forth on the highway, which was covered in trees like if you were driving further north in California, and I randomly saw Zach Drive. So I turned on it. Went to a house that belonged to a friend of mine from College, Zach Harris. And knocked and he wasn't home. So I called him, (I don't have his number anymore in my cell phone in real life), and asked him when he'd be home, he said after 5. I didn't want to wait, it was just a spur of the moment thing. So I drove on. And I remember feeling super confused about where I was going, there was no real point this was prob my first dream of the night.

This dream was like watching a movie.

The second dream, the one I kept trying to keep in my mind as I ran to my laptop to write it down was the movie like dream. I wasn't in it as myself, I was someone else, not sure who but I was in it not sitting on a couch watching it. But the weird thing was as the 'movie' was going I knew some of what was going to happen, like the tone and such.

So it was a group of grown soon-to-be-middle aged men. They were on some kind of camping trip. One was a doctor, a surgical doctor. I don't remember his name for for story telling's sake let us call his Jake. Jake and his buddies were out in the woods doing their thing when they heard a noise of in the darkness so they looked, because they thought they were alone.
So they get quiet and look and they eventually see a parked old bronco on the hill just a ways from where they were camping. They didn't know of anyone who lived out here and they were curious so they went to investigate.

They end up checking out the car and finding a house that they ended up going into and making home. They heard some rustling out side and went out on the patio and there was a high-school cheerleading squad in formation to begin a routine. So this Jake, (who kind of looks like Keifer Sutherland), gets a show. These girls look like misfits, uniforms were not matching, hair and make-up was obviously done individually, and the routine was amateur. After they stopped one girl, the obvious captain, spoke up and explained to Jake that they need his help to become the best for regionals. Even though he was a surgeon, not a cheerleading coach, he apparently was the one to go to in this town. And now that house they are in is now his, like he lives in it and his wife was suddenly there (Sorry). He walks through the rows of girls and sizes them up, and being a bit of an old man pervert as well. His wife shows her upset and stomps out because she knows that captain is up to no good, she knows she wants to sleep with her husband. Then after a few negotiations of price they come to a conclusion that he will coach them for $2,000 and they get nicer uniforms, he will not be connected to such a sloppy looking team. He tells the girls the patio is a prime place for practice and they throw a fit and grumble. So he gets the idea to create a stage in his new large backyard out of what looks like white picnic tables, but hey in dream-world that works.

Then as movie tend to do, you assume he has been working hard with the team and indeed he is getting closer to the captain, lets call her Tiff. So Jake ends up with a couple of his guy friends from the beginning and Tiff supposedly knows this really "awesome" hotel that she knows someone so that they can stay and party at for free, she knows a back way in and everything.
So as they are going through the back of this hotel his buddies are telling him they don't like the idea that a married man is hanging out with a high school girl. He shrugs them off and goes on ahead anyways. So they get to this "suite" and it looks terrible just the kind of hotel that backwoods trashy people would things is super nice. It has pinball machine and other classic arcade games but was trashed and really travel-lodgey decorated. As time goes the guys get uncomfortable and leave, they don't want to be there with their bet bud and a 17 yr old.

So now that they are alone she goes in for the kill. Right as she gets him naked she ties his down and leaves the room and comes back to the kitchen with a older man. They connect him to some kind of torture device and begin their torture. Jake, not having a clue what's going on, pleads them to stop and tell him what he has done wrong and who this man is. After electrocuting his for a while the older man reveals that he is Tiff's father, let's call him Stew. Jake apologizes that he was thinking about having an affair with his daughter and he will never touch her again. But that was not what Stew was looking for. He continued to torture him until Jake was breaking down. This seemed like a good time for a flashback, and just like a thriller movie, there was the confession from the "killer" paired with the awesome memories of the vengeful killer, Stew. He explained to Jake that he was the man that Jake accidentally removed his testicles in a surgery a few years ago. The surgery documents mis-stated his surgery and was not in for testicular removal but something else. But The paper's got switched or something and the wrong surgery was performed. When Stew came to in the hospital he was horrified about what happened. He felt like his life was taken away from him by this doctor. So he has been plotting his revenge for 3 years to take away his life like he did him. He was going to take his man berries.

The end.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Talent Show

This one was awesome. Mario Lopez and I were performing a number together for a talent show. It was a V-day themed show. Everyone was wearing red, pink, and rhinestones. I don't remember too much about the performance except that it was uber sexy and awesome, of course. Then after the performance he was so excited and proud about the bit that he insisted I call me best friend from high school, Ana Peterson, and tell her how awesome he did. In my dream, it was understood that he had a thing for her and this was his way to impress her. I do not remember much after that.

I had a dream that ...

... went on burglar spree for SLURPEEs. Its actually not uncommon for me to have dreams where I steal. I usually have them where I steal tons of money and freak out that I have sealed my fate as a theif and there is no going back.
But in this case I was stoked. Totes fine with stealing from 7-11s. Then it got freaky deaky, I would then go for a swim (in the ocean, HI SIGN, my name is Kim, nice to meet you), and there I found a sea-friend. My new friend being a whale. I would then share my red SLURPEE with my whale friend. We same with each other like the underage lovers in Blue Lagoon. Love.

Woke up confused... what's new?

This is a quick one, but semi-daunting.
I had a dream that I left every appliance on in my house and could NOT get them to turn off.