Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I jerked awake this morning like someone slapped loudly and startled me, but no one did. Strange. So my dream is super disonnected but I had a dream I was working at my hotel but it really wasn't my hotel. I left work without cleaning up or even tidying up. Someone famous or important came in and I was trying to get them info about the restaraunt but Sushi Roku was out of "beef and steak" but this didn't bother them because they only ate healthy food. And Jeni, from
work, said she was going to a wedding and it was only going to be healthy food, to the point where if they crave bad food they would dip a chicken wing and only lick off the sauce and throw away the chicken to make it feel as though they ate something bad.
As for this important person, we somehow got on a boat. Of which we could see a very large whale jumping in and out of the water. Something happened, I can't recall, and this mans loved ones looked as though they died. So he jumped into the water to commit suicide. He pretended to be an injured seal and swims around so he can be seen by the great white. But right as he sees the shark
coming for him, he also sees his lover wake up. She's not dead! So he swims away from danger but now the shark is circling the ship and is hungry. So this alive again lover bad assly tries to kill the shark with a trash bag but as she gets close the whale comes to the rescue! He gobbles up the shark as if it was a potato chip. Then I woke up.
When I woke up
I googled whale attacks and sure enough there was a grey whale attacked by two killers whales 2 hours ago in new Zealand. But the whale is ok. The End

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