Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Come one, come all!

Last night's was a double feature due to the landscaping that happens every tuesday at 6am!

The first, of which I can't really remember because I was woken up at 6am and trying feverishly to find my ear plugs. But to no avail, I couldn't finish it.
I met this guy under water. He was trying to tell me something but, beings it was under water I couldn't hear him. But all I remember is that he was super gorgeous and we were dating. Which is funny because this is the second dream this week that I have been dating a dark haired guy. Any who not interesting.

The main event:

So this began when I was going to work for a special event. We had to wear short black shorts, and red tank tops. (Our colors at work are white and light blue). So I get there and we were working this event at a them park. So I figured why not turn it into a vacation/work thing. Matt Riding was there, along with members of my family. It was kind of a knock off of California's Adventure. While we were walking around my good friend, Randy Jackson (Idol), wanted to meet my Mom, so I introduced them. The rides were really big and scary, but scary because they weren't all that safe looking. There was one ride where they took blood from you, another where the threw you in the air and when you came down you had to walk in a straight line, another where you had to sit around (sort of like the Tiki Room @ D-land) and answer questions about items in the room. I was chosen for a question and it was "American History" themed. I was told to find the word freedom in this book. As I was trying to find it my brother was trying to distract me. Naturally, I was getting super irritated with him. So, time was up and I tried to pretend I had it and as I walked up I kept looking. But I just couldn't find it. The whole crowd made fun of my because the title of the book was _____ Freedom, and everyone gets that answer right!

Then we went to go camp for the night. Matt and I went on our way after we went on the last ride which made you use the bathroom. So, we were driving on the 101 N and I called my Mom to get directions and I was driving like a crazy woman, really fast and out of control. And Matt wasn't saying anything. (If you know him, he normally would.) But we missed the exit and had to turn around. We finally get there and we were camping in a shoe/boot. A large one, of course. We had to put it around a tree to give it structure but we got it to work. So I decided to go wash my face before I went in, so I had more room. Logical.


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  1. Main event indeed! i lol-ed my way thru this one. i love the rides and that we were camping...never mind the giant shoe-tent, i'm more disturbed and entertained by the fact that we were camping in phoenix, off the 101 somewhere. delicious.

    this is a double btw. i deffles had a daydream recently about the road from joshua tree...with the sharp sudden left turns. terrifying.