Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pool party as a concubine

This dream was an interesting one. I would have kept sleeping and continued it but the time was approaching noon and that was gross.
It began with me being introduced to my new and fellow concubines at this really large mansion. The weird thing is the fellow wives were my best friends from High School. One of them was showing me around and telling me the rules. She was explaining how the showers were outdoor showers and there was one secret shower where they all showered to attempt to keep some privacy. And that we were allowed to have as many "friends" as possible come over and have a good time. So as I finish up my tour I notice there are a bunch of guys in the back yard pool. We then jump into the pool and I try to convince everyone to skinny dip. (Me being the wild and crazy girl I am in real life). Then as time goes by I wonder around the grounds and I find the cars of some of the guys that are the pool. Obvious because they are beat down and dirty. And I saw that one had a bra in the back seat. So that is when the dream ended. I know kind of weird. But I thought it was really weird that I never met the husband or the "king" they called him.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Witches and Poo

This dream is a little piecey, but it is strange enough that I must write this one down. The dream started me at what seemed to be a conference at a church event. I was wearing an eye patch that I didn't need but I hadn't taken it off quick enough so I didn't want people thinking I was making fun of people who wear them, so I continued to wear it. And it bothered me so much, I was constantly shifting it around. Anyways, as I was sitting down all of the high council and elders of the meeting were personally shaking my hand. Some of which I sort of recognized and it made me very emotional that they knew my name and were willing to shake my hand.  So as I sat and listened there were a couple girls from BYUH that were snickering in the back row. For any of you that went to BYUH or know the kind of people that went there, you know that that kind of childish behavior happened quite often. I looked back to see who it was and it looked like my very first roommate in the dorms and a girls I went to elementary school with. Weird.  Both were Polynesian,  They saw that I noticed them and started to say my name.  They were obviously irritated that no one was joining in on their laughter and one came to me where I was sitting and was talking to me in a normal speaking voice.  I told her to whisper, and she refused, Then I said, if you won;t whisper I will take you out of here. So I did. I grabbed her and ripped her out threw her outside.  weird,

Then the other part I remember is being in an old victorian attic. Something you would expect from a witch movie. Upon our arrival I had noticed splats of colorful goo or ink on he ground.  As witches we are all assigned a color.  That is how we knew who was practicing magic where.  But this was everyone's colors in one room.   When we were sitting up there, doing witch stuff I suppose, a thin colorful string came down. We have never seen such a thing and so we were afraid that if it left we would never know, so grabbed it.  But as we grabbed it it retracted.  Then the next witch would grab on to weigh it down, but it kept moving.  In no time at all we had every witch holding onto  this string.  As soon as all of us where on it there was a bright flash and we were all in different places. It seemed as though we had been transported.  I was alone with my large vehicle.  Which was weird in its own, it was like a carriage with all my stuff underneath it.  Like something a Gypsy would have.  And as I was driving my carriage, by magic of course, so horses or cows, this large tetradactyl was swooping down and trying to grab me.  So I jump down to try to hide and he found me no matter where I was hiding.  Then, I am not sure where the idea came from, but I new that if I had smeared poop on me that he would be able to find me because he is blind and is only guided by smell.  So instantly I grabbed a large pile of poop and smeared it all over my body. He just about immediately couldn't find me. In fact he walked right past me at one point. So, naturally, I stocked up on poop and hit the road.  I sensed, being a witch and all, we all had to find each other so I headed to my grandma's house.  During the journey I met up with a couple of he witches and there I shared my secret of the poop to keep safe.  So there we were, three witches covered in poop traveling.  Then we caught a fairy, who seems to control the weather and situation by her mood.  So she was very unhappy that we smelled of poop and it was getting her white dress and blond hair dirty.  So we let her go once she healed us of any wounds or infections we got along the way.  Then we got to an area where the tetradactyl wasn't a problem any more. Then we washed off all the poop and went 
on to grandmas house. Once we got there we some how arrived in a car, of which the 
door wouldn't lock. We then got inside the house where all the other witches were
located. We were finally safe and no one had any idea what happened or what caused
this. Really weird.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kidnapped in Korea

OK. This dream was weird. It started as a last minute trip. I was, like always, unprepared. And as my friend was getting ready to leave I made up and excuse for having to swing by the house really quick to pick up underwear. When in truth I had to grab everything. I didn't even have and clothes packed at all. In my mind I am plotting out exactly what I am going to grab so I can do it quickly to make it seem I had it all packed to begin with.
Then we began our trip to Korea. Why Korea? I don;t know, that's just where my mind took me. Then as we get there we are approached my some "government officials" that need to see I.D. and demanded we tell them why were were there and for how long and who we were staying with. Not knowing any of this information, being that i wasn't even packed, the officials became suspicious and threw us into a room. Then we were instantly not in the airport or any kind of government building, it seemed as though we had been taking by Korean civilians and are going to either be sold into slavery or held for ransom. The room they were holding us in was almost exactly like my living room now, but cold, dark and dingy. But it had a coffee table and hardwood floor. So as we are sitting in this room, with all our stuff that we had packed we were trying to think of a way to escape. All of a sudden I got a phone call from a friend on my cell phone. Shocked it was even working, I answered it and told the person on the other line that we had been kidnapped and please send help. People may not have even known I had left, so i was nervous they weren't even looking. The line was breaking up and I never got a confirmation from the friend that they even heard me or were even going to send help. So then me and my fellow hostage packed up what we could, or what we thought was important. I turned around at the very end to pick up my sisters laptop, (not sure what I had it). After grabbing everything we thought was important we ran away. This is when I woke up.

The end.

Vampires and time travel

This one will be brief because I really don't remember many of the details but the basic story is a little weird, so I want to share it.

In my dream I was in a group of vampires (I was also a vampire). And we were in a small town...(sounds a bit like Twilight, I know). We had made a pack to keep our identities secret and to not mingle with each other as to not draw attention to ourselves or show what we really where.  Then as time went, I fell in love with one of the fellow vampires.  And that is when things got out of control.  People began to talk and suspect what we really were.  Then the other vampires became angry with us for exposing our secret.  Then we decided to go back in time and try it again but this time to promise to not repeat history.  So ensure that the plan would work well, the other vampires wiped my memory so that I could not remember falling in love.  Then we traveled back in time to before I had met the other vampire.  
But as time went on we ended up meeting and the other vampires tried all they could to keep us apart but to avail we ended up meeting and falling in love again. 

The end.