Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pool party as a concubine

This dream was an interesting one. I would have kept sleeping and continued it but the time was approaching noon and that was gross.
It began with me being introduced to my new and fellow concubines at this really large mansion. The weird thing is the fellow wives were my best friends from High School. One of them was showing me around and telling me the rules. She was explaining how the showers were outdoor showers and there was one secret shower where they all showered to attempt to keep some privacy. And that we were allowed to have as many "friends" as possible come over and have a good time. So as I finish up my tour I notice there are a bunch of guys in the back yard pool. We then jump into the pool and I try to convince everyone to skinny dip. (Me being the wild and crazy girl I am in real life). Then as time goes by I wonder around the grounds and I find the cars of some of the guys that are the pool. Obvious because they are beat down and dirty. And I saw that one had a bra in the back seat. So that is when the dream ended. I know kind of weird. But I thought it was really weird that I never met the husband or the "king" they called him.

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