Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vampires and time travel

This one will be brief because I really don't remember many of the details but the basic story is a little weird, so I want to share it.

In my dream I was in a group of vampires (I was also a vampire). And we were in a small town...(sounds a bit like Twilight, I know). We had made a pack to keep our identities secret and to not mingle with each other as to not draw attention to ourselves or show what we really where.  Then as time went, I fell in love with one of the fellow vampires.  And that is when things got out of control.  People began to talk and suspect what we really were.  Then the other vampires became angry with us for exposing our secret.  Then we decided to go back in time and try it again but this time to promise to not repeat history.  So ensure that the plan would work well, the other vampires wiped my memory so that I could not remember falling in love.  Then we traveled back in time to before I had met the other vampire.  
But as time went on we ended up meeting and the other vampires tried all they could to keep us apart but to avail we ended up meeting and falling in love again. 

The end.

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