Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kidnapped in Korea

OK. This dream was weird. It started as a last minute trip. I was, like always, unprepared. And as my friend was getting ready to leave I made up and excuse for having to swing by the house really quick to pick up underwear. When in truth I had to grab everything. I didn't even have and clothes packed at all. In my mind I am plotting out exactly what I am going to grab so I can do it quickly to make it seem I had it all packed to begin with.
Then we began our trip to Korea. Why Korea? I don;t know, that's just where my mind took me. Then as we get there we are approached my some "government officials" that need to see I.D. and demanded we tell them why were were there and for how long and who we were staying with. Not knowing any of this information, being that i wasn't even packed, the officials became suspicious and threw us into a room. Then we were instantly not in the airport or any kind of government building, it seemed as though we had been taking by Korean civilians and are going to either be sold into slavery or held for ransom. The room they were holding us in was almost exactly like my living room now, but cold, dark and dingy. But it had a coffee table and hardwood floor. So as we are sitting in this room, with all our stuff that we had packed we were trying to think of a way to escape. All of a sudden I got a phone call from a friend on my cell phone. Shocked it was even working, I answered it and told the person on the other line that we had been kidnapped and please send help. People may not have even known I had left, so i was nervous they weren't even looking. The line was breaking up and I never got a confirmation from the friend that they even heard me or were even going to send help. So then me and my fellow hostage packed up what we could, or what we thought was important. I turned around at the very end to pick up my sisters laptop, (not sure what I had it). After grabbing everything we thought was important we ran away. This is when I woke up.

The end.

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