Thursday, April 30, 2009

Undesireable Roundtrip

So I recently came home from a trip to the land down under. In my dream last night I did not want to Arizona so badly I bought a ticket somewhere. So I waited at the gate for my old boss at Bliss, Karen, to bring me the ticket. The guy at the gate ends up just letting me in. Weird. So I get into the plane and my phone is about to die but I am trying to make sense of what I just did. I am also trying to figure out who I told that I was leaving. So, I am sitting on the plane and one of my good friends from college, Emerson Jackson, pokes in to ask her sister what purse she bought so that she does not buy the same. And does not even notice that I am there. So, at this point I think the flight is going somewhere south of Australia. But as far as I know, other than Antarctica there is not anything more south. I remember seeing the flight plan picture on the TV screens and the red dashed line traveling south but I could not see where we were going.
Then Emerson comes back 2 more times to confirm the bad design and finally I let my nerves get the best of me. I tell her I booked this flight last minute and I don't want to go where ever I am going. I may not know the language or have money. I was just a wreck. Then she says, then just get off the plane. And as I am telling her the problem we detached from the gate. We beg for them to let us off but they won't. So we are standing as we are taking off. All mad we both sit down. now I feel even worse, not only am I going somewhere i don't want to go, now Emmie is stuck going too. So we are on this huge plane and we get up often. One time we get up and some nast ladies take our seats. So rude.
We arrive where ever we are. I think we are in New Zealand. I get there and I try to contact my family to have them tell work, I won't be able to make it to work and tell everyone. And I was trying to think of what I should say as an excuse and i was coming up with, "I'm sick". Not very good, I know.
Then the male flight attendant gives me a free bottle of liquor for some reason. Then as we get off the plane, there are no customs or baggage checks. It was just the street.
Then the lawnmower outside my window woke me up.

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  1. Emm would totally come on board just to make she didnt end up with the same person as someone she knew- so realistic