Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is what happens when biggest loser is the last thing you watch

Here's last nights:

In my dream my sister hired me a personal trainer. In real life, I've been in Australia since Wednesday, and in my dream my trainer starts to yell at me for missing the last 2 weeks. I reply with, "Uh...I've been in Australia for the last 2 weeks". He then yells back at me, "You told me you were surfing on Thursday and now you say you've been out of the country?!" ( Of course he's yelling, he's a trainer).
Then I get real mad at my sister for telling him that I went surfing and that I feel bad for not remembering what I did past last Thurs. Then he starts to make me a green smoothie. And as he is making I look down over the counter and there is a large cash drawer, like 3 feet wide, and it is filled with green veggies instead of money. Like where the 20s would be, there was spinach and where the 10s were, it was asparagus and so on.

I'm not remembering a lot of my dreams lately because I am sleeping in a strange place and I've been waking up everyday, naturally, before 8a. Gross.

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