Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Landslide

So after a conversation with my friend Kiffen, and previous conversations with friends, I have decided to start a blog about my dreams. As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed going to sleep not just because it is sleep, but because it is like going to the movies every night. I'll try to write some old dreams if I can remember them but this will mainly be a from now on thing.

Last night's dreams was an odd one, and please be patient with me while I attempt to put my dream into word format. And please feel free to interpret or comment, I love to hear feedback, but I also don't expect anyone to read these either, maybe my friends tell me to write my dreams down so that I don't have to tell them anymore.

My dream starts off in a house, of which I am unfamiliar. While we are in this house we hear the patter on the roof from what we assume to be the debris of a volcanic eruption. I go outside expecting to see smoke and dust in the air and mass chaos. (Mind you, this is taking place back home in Fremont, CA. where there are no volcanoes just hills). But all I see is a few rocks on the porch and everyone seems to be fine and definitely no signs people freaking-out.

I refuse to let my feelings go unheard and I demand my family and I to get on the move. So we grab a few things that we deem important. I grab my cell phone (which was really not my cell phone in real life), and a canteen of water. We then head out. As we travel by foot we attract a crowd of people, which then turns out to be the whole town trying to get out-of-town.

The weather then turns dark and scary, the wind is still it feels very doom and gloom. But the weird thing is that it does not have an "end of the world" feel just natural disaster feel. So with me is my "family". My mom, my dad (who at this point is a large black man, but turns into my actual dad about halfway through the dream,which is also weird since my dad past away Aug 2007.), my brother and my sisters.

We then get to the point where the road we are traveling on is interrupted by a mudslide and half the crowd keeps traveling downward and we turn around and head back up. At this point I loose my canteen but have managed to drop my phone, chase it, and reclaim it. We then find this large house and take it as a safe place. Also, through out this whole dream there has been no government assistance or communication, radio broadcasts, helicopters, nothing. We then hang out and try to get this strange radio to work but it was built like a old jewelry box with the thin slide out drawers and those were how you got radio stations. There were about 10 "drawers/stations". The first 4 or so were about young adults and college experimentation. I then got embarrassed and flipped through those ones quickly to the last few stations that were just normal news broadcast but no one said anything about the bay area falling apart.

Then I went into the living room and asked my dad, "Are you alright daddy?"(which is strange because me and my dad never got along and I never called him daddy) Then he said I'll be fine, I'd be more worried about your mother, she has high blood pressure". Then it clicked, OMG we never grabbed her medication, (which as far as I know she, in real life, doesn't take anything for high blood pressure but I know she used to struggle with it.) Then I was thinking I should go through this house to see if I could find anything for her.

Then this woman comes up to the house we are staying at and offers to pay $100 for the screen on the front window. I refuse, but my mom agrees and the woman pays by check. Which is rediculous becasue who knows if that will bounce or what, but I took this as my mom making the lady feel good about offering something for the screen even though we would probably never get to a bank. Then the lady and the small child she was with barged into the house and wanted to see what else we had. Then I freak out because I didn't want her to find the blood pressure medication before I did. Then I followed her around to make sure she didn't take anything that my family may need. We went through all these rooms and we found this really old room with vintage toys and photographs. Which I tried to tell her was ours so that she thought the house was ours. But all they took was this ugly fleece pancho with tassles on the hem. Have fun!

After the lady left, we left to go to this mall area in hopes to find some information. But it seemed like the electricity was working there and the movie theater was still showing movies but the actual retail area was closed off to the public and at that point they were only allowing military employees to enter and there were even people that were posing as a soldiers just to get in to buy batteries and radios. Then I started to complain that we haven't heard anything from the government yet, and how ridiculous it is getting. Then my aunt Andie said, "I know I cant wait to see what Clinton does!". My response was in a very sarcastic voice, "OOOOOBBBBAAAAAMMMMAAAAA!!!!, our current president is O-BAMA!" She then sat down in the desk next to us ( like the desk you sat in high school, with the writing platform and bar conncecting the seat.) And then she began to pout because she was off by 9 years. Then I said, "Now that we are clear on who should be doing something, where hell is Obama?!" Then the guy in the seat in front of me got up to answer a call on his cell phone and who was it? Barack Obama. He proceeds to talk about how he has this great new stand up set that he can't wait to unleash on the public and stands up on the semi-stage things in the mall courtyard and begins to do a dance.

Then I woke up.

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