Friday, March 26, 2010

Neighborly invasion

I don't really know my neighbors that well. The ones I have a super cute gay couple, a large grumpy/nice sometimes smoking couple and the noisy ones upstairs. In my dream someone tried to get into our home and you could tell it was a drunk neighbor because they were using keys. So finally, I got up to tell them they have the wrong door. They need to go to their house. This angers them. They then try to break in by banging their bodies and a brook showed up at one point. I started to panic and had my sister dial the police than she hands to the phone to me, I was busy trying to hold the door shut. I tried to explain the police what was happening and I was so nervous because if I report this it will be so awkward to live next to them from now on...

I'm pretty sure this happened because before I fell asleep I swear I heard someone knock on our door, at like 1am. SO I WAS NOT ABOUT TO ANSWER IT.

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