Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peru and a dead body. Yum!

I have never seen a picture of Macu Picchu. Or at least I don't think so. I am pretty sure, as I was looking for pictures of it this morning, I am positive that I've never seen a picture of it.

Now, for my dream. I went to Peru on vacation my an odd variation of my family: My mom, Dad and my brother David. (Dad not living right now, and missing my two sisters). So we are driving up a windy road with cliffside. So my mom is driving and she is driving too fast for my liking and so I tell her it's a 10 mph and she needs to slow down. She doesn't slow down so I start to yell at her. Then I start to scream at her. I am so scared we are going to drive off the cliff and die. But right as we are making the turn and I am freaking out I see the peak of the mountain. Then that freaks me out because now we are taking a turn too fast and now she is looking NOT at the road. Not calming me down.

So we get to this village to take pictures of the mountain and I do not have my real camera with me since this was somewhat of a impromptu trip. So as I am taking pics with my iPhone, none of them are turning out. There is a company there that sends a signal that basically jams your phone so you cannot take pictures with your phone, it would put an ad or a graphic over the picture I took to distort it. Irritated with my phone I borrowed my brothers digital SLR. As I am zooming in through the view finder I see a dead body flowing through a muddy waterfall. So, I try to take a picture of it so people would believe me but because it was such a far zoom it was difficult to find it again. So I didn't say anything.

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