Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Premier

Went to a movie premier with my two best buddies, Matt and Kolin. It was somewhere off a dirt road and Justin Beiber was there but he was tall in my dream. There were cops telling everybody if they were to move they would instantly be thrown out, they were very serious, no Beiber fever here. So we are in line and then they announced that only the 1st 90 people in line get in. Once the 1st 90 were sat, we became first. Then celebs began to show up. This was some kind of one time deal. I had a bag of popcorn. I was eating it and Ryan Phillipe showed up as soon as I shoved a bunch of popcorn in my mouth. Then I turned to Kolin and said, "Wow, now I can officially say I've shoved popcorn in my face in front of Ryan Phillipe". Then the crowd was super upset that they've been in line for so long and they may hve to wait hours to see it. The movie was 2 hours long. So Matt decides to hop out of line. I got mad because we waited so long we might as well keep waiting. But when he tried to hop back in people got like mob angry. So I jumped out. We found a spot we could see and sat up on some staircases so we could see the movie. It was Beauty and the Beast but re-drawn with new characters and they would breakdance as they sang. I woke up just after the opening song.

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  1. whatever this magical b and b tv show is, we absofreakinlutely must rent it. looks amazing. just sayin...