Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Taste

I was at an event with a date. He had picked out my dress for me. It was a floor length umpire waisted yellow dress. It was very formal but he assured me it was appropriate.  When I arrived to the wedding, sure enough, I was overdressed and my dress was identical to the bride's gown but light yellow. I wasn't even a bridesmaid. To make matters worse, we walked into the reception after they were announced as a couple and the comparison was clear. Everyone noticed that our dresses were the same.
Somehow I got called into work but it wasn't really my job. I worked as a movie selection counselor. Awesome. And I had a client who was returning more movies than buying so he was losing his "points" and was very upset so I had to go through an entire movie genre to help him find movies so he could get his points back.

The rest of my dream was kind of movie-esque and completely unrelated.

I was at a futuristic airport. I saw a plane coming straight down. I was sure it was crashing. It was pointing straight down! But I waited for the noise and explosion but nothing happened. A couple moments later I saw the plane, with wheels in the places to make this possible, on it's nose and on one wing landing on the runway. I could even see passengers. But the plane itself looked normal just had wheels on the nose and wing so it could land that way. I just assumed it was a test of some sort and moved on.
That's when I became some sort of a super sexy Latina spy. I had got myself into a few situations where I was alone and couldn't prove the bad guys wrong so I had a cell phone installed into the bottom of my heel.

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